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Pioneering crypto-currency use in Trinidad & Tobago

We're massive supporters of Bitcoin and Blockchain Solutions.
We want to see greater local adoption of cryptos as well as Segwit and off-chain scaling solutions.

It's time to bypass the red-tape and banking restrictions and embrace the future of digital financial solutions.

Ready to start receiving payments in cryptos now? Register on our free BTCPay Service Instance below.

We love Helping Small Businesses to Thrive

Your Small or Micro-enterprise can reach more users with a slick new website or intelligent services and apps to expand your business.
Either way, we've got you covered.

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Public Testing Open for SMP, our tailored Human Resource Management platform

We've spent over two years developing a working system for HR managers to handle employee records and payroll with ease while also giving employees flexibility and peace of mind.

As a workplace administrator, you'll love the precision and accuracy of SMP timekeeping which uses three layers of verification to ensure employees' hours are always accounted for.

Employees will enjoy the security mechanisms built into the system to protect their privacy and to make interactions between departments smoother and more transparent.

SMP comes with template forms and documentation to help your business transition to the system. It also stores and ogranises versions of company policies and legal disclaimers. The central SMP database is encrypted with a company private key so should the data ever be compromised, it can never be decrypted and read.

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