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We especially love working on projects that implement block-chain technology.

All Crypto projects to the front of the queue please!

Dual-theme Flat 18 illustration of the iconic pen-tool used in vector art.

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F18 Pay

F18 Pay is a light-weight payments processing platform inspired by BTCPay Server.

It's easy to use and requires minimal fuss and very little trust.

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Our Short Story

Flat18 Micro is a web development company with connections to the UK, Ireland and the West Indies.

We build services within the bitcoin sphere and contribute to the famous BTCPay Server.

Here's a light-hearted account of how we wound up doing what we do.

FLAT 18 Micro, started life in 2011 as a project for designing and distributing a tiny satirical newsletter in a small West Sussex town .

Working out how to distribute a newsletter online, manage payments and achieve a high standard of web-development best-practices, led us to new technologies and methods that would serve us in future projects later down the line.

Another project was soon created to manage finances in a way that was very client-centralised and allowed users to view their financial relationships with the project in very simple terms. Despite having very little working knowledge of the banking sector, we were actually stumbling upon a popular idea of how to modernise banking for this generation.

The growth of Flat 18 assets allowed us to build an entirely new financial product called 'Global Trust'. The "global" part of the name is taken from the backend program which conducted real-time money trading in a whole pool of digital currencies and represented the majority of the project's actual capital derived from members. The project was able to then expand the spending capabilities for members which was a really exciting time for us.

All the while, we were exploring new web development techniques and updating our internal best practices for user experience, interface design, security and efficiency, balanced with server configurations and networking platforms.

We love how the internet is a tool that encourages the greatest creativity. We're passionate about sharing our knowledge with others who want to get online and get their ideas out into the wild for the world to consume.

Now you've heard our bit, we'd like to hear from you. Drop us a line and let's see how we can build something beautiful together.
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