How Flat18 Uses Donations to Support Development Costs

Why We Accept Donations

At Flat18, we use donations to provide free services to projects that resonate with us personally. We are especially keen to support initiatives that advance technology education and open-source software. If we feel a project aligns with our values and goals, we are more than happy to lend our support.

What Services We Offer

With the help of donated funds, we can offer a range of services at no cost to selected projects. These services include:

- Website Development
- App Development
- Technical Consulting
- Branding and Design Services
- Technical Support and Maintenance

Who Gets Help

We operate on a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to allocating our subsidised services. We choose projects that we are passionate about and that fit our mission. The availability of funds also plays a role in our selection process.

How to Apply

There is no formal application process. If you have a project that you think fits, just reach out and chat with us about it. We’ll treat you just like any other client and get you onboarded smoothly.

Transparency and Reporting

Currently, we don’t provide reports or updates on how the donated funds are used, and we have no plans to start doing so. Our focus is on delivering the best support we can, not on tracking and reporting.

Handling Donor Information

We don’t collect or organise information about our donors. Depending on how donations are made, some personal information might be stored by our payment processors (like Stripe or PayPal), but only as required by financial regulations. We aim to keep all transactions as private and unlinked as possible.