Essentials Monthly

£ 1,199 / month

Less than £29.98 per hour
Pause and resume any time.

What you get:

  • Graphic design
  • Frontend UI/UX development
  • Website/Landing-page
  • Backend management
  • APIs
  • Maintenance
  • Application staging
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How it works

  • Up to 40 hours/month are dedicated to your project.
  • Make as many revisions or requests as you like.
  • Tasks are queued according to priority and roadmap.
  • Pause development any time.
  • You pay in advance and unused hours expire at the end of the month.

Flexible PAYG

£ 49 / hour

Pay as you go.
For projects little and large.

This option is available for a limited time.

We're phasing out hourly billing in the near future.

What you get:

  • Everything in Essentials Monthly
  • Flexibility to work on smaller projects
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How it works

  • We use your budget or project outline to set a schedule and costing according to you needs.
  • 4 hours - daily cap and overall minimum.
  • Additional 1-week review period.
  • You pay what is due at the end of every month or when your project is completed, whichever is sooner.


We've included some common project sizes and starting estimates to help you choose a plan that suits your needs.

Check out our pricing

Logo & Design

Create a logo, colour palette and basic artworks and banners for use online.

6 hours

£ 1,199 /m or £ 234 one time

Web Design

Create a small static website or landing page.

12 hours

£ 1,199 /m or £ 468 one time

Backend API

Create a flexible application with a restful HTTP interface written in a powerful server-side language such as Node.js - JavaScript or PHP.

20 hours

£ 1,199 /m or £ 780 one time

Frontend App

Create a frontend application or website using a framework such as Vue.js.

30 hours

£ 1,199 /m or £ 1,170 one time

Application Stack

Create a web app with expertly-designed UI and supporting backend services, APIs.

60 hours

£ 1,199 /m or £ 2,340 overall

Additional Information

We want nothing more than to satisfy our customers and send them away happy. Any issues found with work provided will be considered if found to have been reasonably avoidable or out of the control of our developers.

  1. Overtime hours, or hours in excess of either a daily limit of 4 hours or a monthly limit of 40 hours, will be billed at £50 / hour Terms of Service for more information.
  2. Reviews are usually completed within 1-2 days. See our Terms of Service for more information.
  3. Scheduling is subject to our internal time management. This means that requests may be fulfilled at any time within 2 days.