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Whether you're a start-up, individual or established business, we'll partner with you to create something amazing.

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Beautiful Design Meets Bleeding Edge Tech

We especially love working on projects that implement block-chain technology.

All Crypto projects to the front of the queue please!

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We're always happy to give advice on any project.

If you need help starting out or haven't got everything figured out yet, drop us a line and we'll help you out.

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F18 Pay

F18 Pay is a light-weight payments processing platform inspired by BTCPay Server.

It's easy to use and requires minimal fuss and very little trust.

Intrigued? Read on...


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Free as the New Normal

 We've paused this service for regular monthly review.

In response to extraordinary global circumstances, Flat18 promise to use all donations to provide an automatic price-reduction of our services up to £2001.

Any small business or individual is eligible for reduced rates or entirely free service.

Discounts are capped to 20 per-cent of the current month's donations pot, multiplied by 2 and rounded up to the nearest £100.
A floor of £100 per project is set for any month where the derived cap is less than £100.

Current pot value (delayed by 24 hours):


Derived value may vary sharply at times due to
BTC->GBP exchange rate method.

1 Service availability is not guaranteed. Applies automatically to new orders only.

When you donate to Flat 18, your contribution helps to fund projects like these and helps us as we continue building apps and services for the community.

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