FLAT18.CO.UK Cookie Policy

We don't set any cookies on this website (flat18.co.uk)

Some projects of Flat18 may set cookies for the purpose of account session management. In such a case, a declaration of the setting of cookies for that (or another) purpose will be made on that project website.

This umbrella policy guarantees that no project of Flat18 will ever willingly or knowingly expose or provide any information collected about a user, (be it personally-identifiable or anonymous,) to any third party agency excepting cases where we are legally required to do so.

Our fiat-currency payment processors may set cookies whenever you are redirected to their domains. We use Stripe and PayPal for fiat processing and they may set cookies according to their own policies which are out of our control. You may block cookies in your web browser as a precaution.

For information on how we handle personal and other data have a look at our privacy policy