FLAT18.CO.UK Policy on Communications

This policy governs communication via email, telephone and other electronic communication including Whatsapp and instant messages from FLAT18 and from our associated projects in the absence of any equivalent overriding policy.

FLAT18 maintains a collection of organised contact information for users.
The contact information has been derived from all projects of FLAT18 dating back to 2011.
Email volume references below are per each email address for each recipient in our database originating from each of our projects and websites.

We limit the amount of emails sent to subscribers to one (1) per day of a calendar year as an absolute ceiling. Actual historical values are, on average, four (4) emails per calendar year or one (1) email every ninety (90) to one-hundred (100) days.

Flat18 may, by any of the outlined platforms, automatically contact any person who phones our official lines. The purpose of such communication may be to request complete contact details for our records or to resume a disconnected or otherwise interrupted call.

We limit our use of unsolicited emails but may reach out on a non-automatic basis to individuals or businesses via email. We will always request in such emails that the recipient follow an included link to confirm that Flat18 may make communication in such a manner in that, and any future case as per our policy.

In the event of a major policy change or any important notice on security or other aspect of Flat18 which may affect our current or past users, we may make contact via email or any of the outlined platforms despite every request by a user to be exempt from future communication. Such communication will only be undertaken in, as expressed, serious circumstances and will, as best as is reasonably possible, contain all the information required without necessitating the user redirect to our website or follow any links.