About Us

Flat 18 is a web development company with connections to the UK, Ireland and the West Indies.

We build services within the bitcoin sphere and contribute to the famous BTCPay Server.

Ever since 2011, we've had a coincidental relationship with flats numbered '18'. England, Trinidad, Ireland, Scotland --our bases have always happened to be '#18' so the name couldn't be more relevant for us.

"Necessity is the mother of invention"
We've learned the value in doing things ourselves and with very little support. That's how we've learned so many aspects of managing real, physical servers, designing modern UIs, building systems atop rebel financial tools and so many other aspects of development.

We're passionate about sharing our knowledge with others who want to get online and get their ideas out into the wild for the world to consume.

Now you've heard our bit, we'd like to hear from you. Drop us a line and let's see how we can build something beautiful together.